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Anti-spreading behavior of 1,3-diketone lubricating oil on steel surfaces

: Liu, D.; Li, K.; Zhang, S.; Amann, T.; Zhang, C.; Yan, X.


Tribology international 121 (2018), pp.108-113
ISSN: 0301-679X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
lubricant retention; surface tension; surface energy; anti-spreading

For many precision devices with limited amount of lubricants, the retention of lubricating oil between solid surfaces is of great significance for the lubrication reliability in the long-term operation. In this study, the spreading behavior of a synthetic 1,3-diketone lubricant (1-(4-ethyl phenyl) nonane-1,3-dione) 02/06 on steel surfaces was investigated. By measuring the surface tension of oil and the surface energy of steel, the spreading parameter of 02/06 was determined, which was much smaller than the reference oils with similar viscosity. Rotary friction test shows that 02/06 was positioned at the contact region in the presence of a strong centrifugal force and performed a stable ultralow friction. Moreover, the addition of 02/06 into the reference oils also improved the lubricant retention.