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Structural integration of sensors/actuators by laser beam melting for tailored smart components

: Töppel, Thomas; Lausch, Holger; Brand, Michael; Hensel, Eric; Arnold, Michael; Rotsch, Christian


JOM. The journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 70 (2018), No.3, pp.321-327
ISSN: 0148-6608
ISSN: 1047-4838
ISSN: 1543-1851
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Laser-Strahlschmelzen; laserbeam melting; LBM; laser powder bed fusion; LPBF; selective laser melting; SLM; additive Fertigung; additive manufacturing; Aktorik; actuator; Sensorik; sensor; Funktionsintegration; functional integration; Sensorintegration; sensor integration; Aktorintegration; actuator integration; Implantat; implant; smart implant; hip stem; embedded monitoring

Laser beam melting (LBM), an additive laser powder bed fusion technology, enables the structural integration of temperature-sensitive sensors and actuators in complex monolithic metallic structures. The objective is to embed a functional component inside a metal part without losing its functionality by overheating. The first part of this paper addresses the development of a new process chain for bonded embedding of temperature-sensitive sensor/actuator systems by LBM. These systems are modularly built and coated by a multi-material/multi-layer thermal protection system of ceramic and metallic compounds. The characteristic of low global heat input in LBM is utilized for the functional embedding. In the second part, the specific functional design and optimization for tailored smart components with embedded functionalities are addressed. Numerical and experimental validated results are demonstrated on a smart femoral hip stem.