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Analysing the regional potential and social acceptance of power-to-gas in the context of decentralized co-generation in Baden-Württemberg

: König, Sebastian; Bchini, Quentin; McKenna, Russell; Köppel, Wolfgang; Bachseitz, Michael; Entress, Jörg; Ryba, Meinhard; Michaelis, Manuel; Roser, Annette; Schakib-Ekbatan, Karin


Journal of energy storage 16 (2018), pp.93-107
ISSN: 2352-152X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Power-To-Gas; social acceptance; system study; Baden-Württemberg; Chp dimensioning

Sustainable but fluctuating renewable energy sources require new storage technologies to ensure a stable energy supply. One long-term storage technology that exploits the existing gas infrastructure is Power-to-Gas (PtG). The techno-economic and social challenges of this technology have been addressed in a large, interdisciplinary research project in Baden-Württemberg (south west Germany), whose results are presented in this paper.