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Influence of the cover factor of 2D biaxial and triaxial braided carbon composites on their in-plane mechanical properties

: Heieck, F.; Hermann, F.; Middendorf, P.; Schladitz, K.


Composite structures 163 (2017), pp.114-122
ISSN: 0263-8223
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

The effect of the cover factor on the in-plane mechanical properties of biaxial and triaxial braided carbon fiber composites is investigated. Low braid coverage occurs if the mandrel circumference exceeds a specific length, so that gaps occur in between the different yarn systems.
Braids are manufactured on different mandrel sizes with a braid angle of ±45°. The cover factor is calculated analytically and measured by means of gray scale analysis of scanned samples. A new analytical model is presented which allows for calculating the cover factor of triaxial braids in good approximation with real results, taking into account the off-centered alignment of the axial yarns. Tensile and compression test results are presented for the thermoset resin systems EPIKOTE MGS® RIM 235 and HexFlow® RTM6. The results show that there is a significant influence of decreased cover factors on the mechanical properties, especially in case of triaxial braids tested in axial direction. Micro computed tomography images based on synchrotron radiation reveal that low coverage leads to an increased fiber undulation of the axial yarns, which mainly determine the mechanical properties of triaxial braids. An influence of the different resin systems is observed for matrix-dominated properties of biaxial braids, where the composite failure strain is in the range of neat resin failure strain.