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The EU Project ORPHEUS. Object-based broadcasting - for next generation audio experiences

: Silzle, Andreas

VDT-Magazin (2017), No.1, pp.24-27
ISSN: 2509-5927
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IIS ()
Audio-Produktion; audio

The media landscape has been subject to significant and on-going changes over the past years. The advent of mobile devices capable of playing media files with increasing sound quality, broadband mobile internet access and on-demand services has led to new and various media consumption patterns and consumer expectations. On the other hand, media production in general has not evolved to the same extent, which leads to an increasingly high effort to support an ever-growing number of target platforms and formats which cannot be fully leveraged today. In particular, the way we are producing, transmitting and consuming audio has not significantly evolved over the past decades. Object-based audio is a promising concept that has the potential of transforming the whole way media is envisioned, created and consumed. Object-based audio delivers carefully curated individual elements of a programme all the way to the audience. The EU research project ORPHEUS aims to create a complete object-based audio chain, implemented for a radio broadcasting scenario.