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Network-Calculus-Based Approach for Optimal Transmit Power Allocation in Wireless Industrial Multi-Hop Networks

Presentation held at ITG Workshop on Cellular Internet of Things, 01.12.2017, Munich
: Petreska, Neda

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2017, 18 Folien
Workshop on Cellular Internet of Things <2017, Munich>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ESK ()
IEEE 802.15.4e; sensor networks; delay bound; network calculus; performance analysis

The talk presents a closed-form expression for the end-to-end delay bound in wireless multi-hop heterogeneous networks. The service characterization of the wireless channel is represented by the IEEE 802.15.4-based formula on the bit error rate. The convex behavior of the delay bound enables the design of a power-minimization algorithm, which defines the minimal possible transmit power per node satisfying at the same time the end-to-end QoS requirements by the application, given in form of statistical delays. The algorithm maximizes the network lifetime and prevents power overprovisioning. The talk presents several numerical results which confirm the potential of network-calculus-based optimization algorithms, showing that such solution can provide performance guarantees in wireless industrial sensor networks, while at the same time enabling long battery lifetime.