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Automatic corneal tissue classification using bag-of-visual-words approaches

: Bartschat, Andreas; Toso, Lorenzo; Stegmaier, Johannes; Kuijper, Arjan; Mikut, Ralf; Köhler, Bernd; Allgeier, Stephan

Heizmann, M. (Hrsg.); Längle, Thomas (Hrsg.); Puente Leon, F. (Hrsg.):
Forum Bildverarbeitung 2016 : 01.-02. Dezember 2016, Karlsruhe
Karlsruhe: KIT Scientific Publishing, 2016
ISBN: 978-3-7315-0587-7
ISBN: 3-7315-0587-8
Forum Bildverarbeitung <2016, Karlsruhe>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
image classification; image processing; Lead Topic: Individual Health; Research Line: Computer vision (CV)

Corneal confocal microscopy is a promising diagnostic method for peripheral neuropathy. It allows the recording of the sub-basal nerve plexus (SNP) and enables the morphological analysis of peripheral nerves. This work evaluates classification models for real-time evaluation of cornea images in order to find suitable methods for an automatic focus adaptation to the SNP. The analyzed Bag-of-Visual-Words method leads to models with an accuracy of 0.9, even on a small training dataset, and a runtime of 18 ms per image. Furthermore, the analysis of the support vector machine real-valued output shows high potential for the implementation of real-time focus optimization methods.