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Flow-insensitive information flow analysis (for Android)

Fluss-insensitive Informationsflussanalyse (für Android)
: Müller, Patrick
: Bodden, Eric

Darmstadt, 2015, 31 pp.
Darmstadt, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2015
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer SIT ()

Information flow analysis is an approach to check whether there is no propagation of information that violates a certain policy in a given program. Flow sensitive analyses, of which implementations for Java already exist, can be very precise in finding malicious flows, but require a lot of resources in terms of computation time and memory consumption. Therefore there is need for a flow-insensitive analysis which can be run faster, yielding results with lesser precision while retaining a high recall. Such an analysis would have several possible applications, e.g. it could be used to analyze a high number of programs to determine which of these contain violations, in order to use flow sensitive analyses on those. This Bachelors thesis provides an implementation of such an analysis based on an already existing pointer analysis. The performance will be compared to an already existing flow sensitive analysis, as well.