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Interactions Of Cancer Cell Line Mda-Mb-231 With Their Native Tumor Microenvironment And Anti-Cancer Effects Of Bevacizumab And Cisplatin On Cancer Cell Invaded Human Living Lung Tissue

: Konzok, S.; Dehmel, S.; Braubach, P.; Kruger, M.; Jonigk, D.; Warnecke, G.; Pfennig, O.; Fieguth, H.G.; Braun, A.; Sewald, K.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 195 (2017), Abstract Issue American Thoracic Society 2017 International Conference, Abstract A2362
ISSN: 1073-449X
ISSN: 0003-0805
ISSN: 1535-4970
American Thoracic Society (ATS International Conference) <2017, Washington/DC>
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