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Fabrication of highly efficient four-junction solar cells by surface-activated wafer-bonding

: Predan, Felix; Heckelmann, Stefan; Niemeyer, Markus; Lackner, David; Kovacs, Andras; Dunin-Borkowski, R.E.; Jäger, W.; Dimroth, Frank

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-; Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society -CPMT-, Japan Chapter:
5th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration, LTB-3D 2017. Proceedings : May 16-18, 2017, Ito International Research Center, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-5386-1598-0
ISBN: 978-4-904743-03-4
ISBN: 978-4-904743-05-8
International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration (LTB-3D) <5, 2017, Tokyo>
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie BMWi
0325750; HekMod4
Hocheffizientes Konzentratormodul mit GaSb Vierfachsolarzelle
European Commission EC
H2020-Low Carbon Energy; 640873; CPVMatch
Concentrating Photovoltaic modules using advanced technologies and cells for highest efficiencies
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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We used surface-activated wafer-bonding (SAB) at low temperatures for the fabrication of advanced four-junction solar cells. The bonded heterojunctions are optimized regarding high electrical conductivity to avoid voltage losses especially for devices operating with high-current densities. Wafer-bonded 4-junction solar cells are today reaching the highest efficiencies for sunlight conversion into electricity and offer possible applications for space as well as concentrating photovoltaics.