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Nanoplasmonically-engineered random lasing in organic semiconductor thin films

: Heydari, E.; Pastoriza-Santos, I.; Liz-Marzan, L.M.; Stumpe, J.


Nanoscale horizons 2 (2017), No.5, pp.261-266
ISSN: 2055-6756
ISSN: 2055-6764
European Commission EC
Functional liquid Crystalline dendrimers: Synthesis of New Materials, Resource for New Applications
European Commission EC
FP7; 262348; ESMI
European Soft Matter Infrastructure
Journal Article
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We demonstrate plasmonically nano-engineered coherent random lasing and stimulated emission enhancement in a hybrid gainmedium of organic semiconductors doped with core-shell plasmonic nanoparticles. The gain medium is composed of a 300 +/- 2 nm thin waveguide of an organic semiconductor, doped with 53 nm gold nanoparticle cores, isolated within silica shells. Upon loading the nanoparticles, the threshold of amplified spontaneous emission is reduced from 1.75 mu J cm(-2) x 10(2) for an undoped gain medium, to 0.35 mu J cm(-2) x 10(2) for a highly concentrated gain medium, and lasing spikes narrower than 0.1 nm are obtained. Most importantly, selection of silica shells with thicknesses of 10, 17 and 21 nm enables engineering of the plasmon-exciton energy coupling and consequently tuning of the laser slope efficiency. With this approach, the slope efficiency is increased by two times by decreasing the silica shell from 21 nm down to 10 nm, due to the enhancement of the localized electric field.