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Characterization of a CLYC detector

: Köble, Theo; Bornhöft, Charlotte; Schumann, Olaf; Risse, Monika; Friedrich, Hermann; Berky, Wolfram; Chmel, Sebastian; Lieder, Evgenia; Rosenstock, Wolfgang

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Created on: 23.1.2018

Wehrmedizinische Monatsschrift 61 (2017), No.4, pp.S35
ISSN: 0043-2156
Nuclear Medical Defence Conference <22, 2017, Munich>
Global Conference on Radiation Topics - Preparedness, Response, Protection and Research (ConRad) <2017, Munich>
Abstract, Electronic Publication
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Many detection systems detect either gamma or neutron radiation or combine the detection of both nuclear radiation types by integrating two detectors in one system. For hand-held systems a scintillation crystal of e.g. NaI or LaBr3 is often combined with a very small 3He-tube with low efficiency. In general it would be of considerable advantage if one material could be used to detect gammas and neutrons simultaneously with good resolution and efficiency for fast and reliable isotope identification and efficient neutron counting. Recently the new detector material CLYC came to the market. This material has very promising characteristics. In the paper we report on tests with a CLYC detector. [Extended Abstract in the journal]