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Service level agreement characteristics of monitoring wireless sensor networks for water resource management (SLAs4Water)

: Iordache, George; Paschke, Adrian; Mocanu, Mariana; Negru, Catalin


Studies in informatics and control 26 (2017), No.4, pp.379-386
ISSN: 1220-1766
ISSN: 1841-429X
European Commission EC
H2020; 690900; DATA4WATER
Excellence in Smart Data and Services for Supporting Water Management
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

One of the most important characteristics of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) when discussing about Monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks (MWSNs) is its effectiveness in assuring business success, a high provider profit, an increased level of client satisfaction and trust. In order to ensure that these goals will be achieved the provider of the MWSN must define some parameters that characterize the Service Level Agreement that occurs between MWSN provider and the MWSN customer. This paper addresses a solution behind an efficient and effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) design and implementation related to a Monitoring Wireless Sensor Network (MSN) and applies the SLA in the case of water resources management. The characteristics of the SLA in place between the MWSN provider and the MWSN customer must be defined by taking into consideration various parameters that are particular to the MWSN such as routing algorithms, recovery from failure, monitoring and reporting aspects. An appropriate definition of a SLA contract helps identify the responsibilities of both the provider and customer of the Monitoring Wireless Sensor Network (MSN) and makes the interaction between the provider and customer easier.