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Passive flow monitoring of hybrid network connections regarding quality of service parameters for the industrial automation

: Ehrlich, Marco; Biendarra, Alexander; Trsek, Henning; Wojtkowiak, Emanuel; Jasperneite, Jürgen

Jumar, U. ; Institut für Automation und Kommunikation -Ifak-, Magdeburg:
"Kommunikation in der Automation". 8. Jahreskolloquium KommA 2017 : 14.-15.11.2017, Magdeburg
Magdeburg: ifak, 2017
ISBN: 978-3-944722-63-4
10 pp.
Jahreskolloquium "Kommunikation in der Automation" (KommA) <8, 2017, Magdeburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOSB ()

Today many hybrid (wired/wireless) communication networks with high requirements regarding latency, reliability, determinism, and security are present in the industrial domain. The corresponding required network monitoring and management becomes more and more important for all related businesses and applications. Therefore, this paper investigates the passive network monitoring approach using the flow export technique based on the Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) for the industry. A state of the art research will be provided, a prototype is implemented, and measurements respectively an analysis is performed in order to clarify the limits and the overall usability of IPFIX for the industrial automation domain.