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MicroRNA-21 versus microRNA-34: Lung cancer promoting and inhibitory microRNAs analysed in silico and in vitro and their clinical impact

: Kunz, Meik; Göttlich, Claudia; Walles, Thorsten; Nietzer, Sarah; Dandekar, Gudrun; Dandekar, Thomas

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Tumor biology 39 (2017), No.7, 12 pp.
ISSN: 0289-5447
ISSN: 1010-4283
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IGB ()
bioinformatic; Biomarker; lung cancer; MicroRNA-target interaction; microRNA; therapeutic strategy

MicroRNAs are well-known strong RNA regulators modulating whole functional units in complex signaling networks. Regarding clinical application, they have potential as biomarkers for prognosis, diagnosis, and therapy. In this review, we focus on two microRNAs centrally involved in lung cancer progression. MicroRNA-21 promotes and microRNA-34 inhibits cancer progression. We elucidate here involved pathways and imbed these antagonistic microRNAs in a network of interactions, stressing their cancer microRNA biology, followed by experimental and bioinformatics analysis of such microRNAs and their targets. This background is then illuminated from a clinical perspective on microRNA-21 and microRNA-34 as general examples for the complex microRNA biology in lung cancer and its diagnostic value. Moreover, we discuss the immense potential that microRNAs such as microRNA-21 and microRNA-34 imply by their broad regulatory effects. These should be explored for novel therapeutic strategies in the clinic.