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Porous Ultra Low-k Material Integration Through An Extended Dual Damascene Approach: Pre-/ Post-CMP Curing Comparison

: Calvo, J.; Koch, J.; Thrun, X.; Seidel, R.; Clauss, E.; Uhlig, B.

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Schulz, S.E.:
AMC 2015, Advanced Metallization Conference
Chemnitz: Universitätsverlag Chemnitz, 2015
ISBN: 978-3-944640-97-6
3 pp.
Advanced Metallization Conference (AMC) <32, 2015, Austin/Tex.>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Integration of dielectrics with increased porosity is required to reduce the capacitance of interconnects. However, the conventional dual damascene integration approach is causing negative effects to these materials avoiding their immediate implementation. A post-CMP curing approach could solve some of these issues. However, materials with porogens being stable at temperatures of the barrier-seed deposition process are not common, hindering this approach. Here, we report on an extended dual-damascene integration approach which permits post-CMP curing.