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Interactive 3D subdomaining using adaptive FEM based on solutions to the dual problem

: Graf, Holger; Larson, Mats; Stork, André


Association for Computing Machinery -ACM-:
VRIC 2014, Virtual Reality International Conference. Proceedings : Laval, France, April 09 - 11, 2014
New York: ACM, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4503-2626-1
Art. 11, 8 pp.
Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC) <16, 2014, Laval>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Virtual reality (VR); computer aided engineering (CAE); numerical simulation; finite element method (FEM); Business Field: Virtual engineering; Research Area: Computer graphics (CG); Research Area: (Interactive) simulation (SIM)

This paper presents a new technique for automatic, interactive 3D subdomaining coupled to mesh and simulation refinements in order to enhance local resolutions of CAE domains. Numerical simulations have become crucial during the product development process (PDP) for predicting different properties of new products as well as the simulation of various kinds of natural phenomena. "What-if-scenarios" and conceptual changes to either the boundary or the domain are time consuming and cost intensive. Most of the time, engineers are interested in a deeper understanding of local quantities rather than being exposed to an iterative re-simulation of the overall domain. New techniques for automatic and interactive processes are then challenged by the cardinality and structural complexity of the CAE domain. This paper introduces a new interactive technique that automatically reduces the analysis space, and allows engineers to enhance the resolution of local problems without a need for recalculating the global problem. The technique, integrated into a VR based front end, achieves faster reanalysis cycles compared with traditional COTS tool chains and engineering workflows.