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Consistent approach to describe and evaluate uncertainty in vibration attenuation using resonant piezoelectric shunting and tuned mass dampers

: Götz, Benedict; Platz, Roland; Melz, T.


Mechanics & industry 18 (2017), No.1, Art. 108, 15 pp.
ISSN: 2257-7777
ISSN: 2257-7750
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()
uncertainty; vibration attenuation; resonant shunt circuit; piezoelectric transducer; tuned mass damper

Undesired vibration may occur in lightweight structures due to low damping and excitation. For the purpose of vibration attenuation, tuned mass dampers (TMD) can be an appropriate measure. A similar approach uses resonantly shunted piezoelectric transducers. However, uncertainty in design and application of resonantly shunted piezoelectric transducers and TMD can be caused by insufficient mathematical modeling, geometric and material deviations or deviations in the electrical and mechanical quantities. During operation, uncertainty may result in detuned attenuation systems and loss of attenuation performance. A consistent and general approach to display uncertainty in load carrying systems developed by the authors is applied to describe parametric uncertainty in vibration attenuation with resonantly shunted piezoelectric transducers and TMD. Mathematical models using Hamilton>'s principle and Ritz formulation are set up for a beam, clamped at both ends with resonantly shunted transducers and TMD to demonstrate the effectiveness of both attenuation systems and investigate the effects of parametric uncertainty. Furthermore, both approaches lead to additional masses, piezoelectric material for shunt damping and compensator mass of TMD, in the systems. It is shown that vibration attenuation with TMD is less sensitive to parametric uncertainty and achieves a higher performance using the same additional mass.