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Algorithm for Efficient Channel Allocation in Wireless Multi-Cell Industrial Networks

: Afghahi, Keikavoos
: Petreska, Neda

München, 2017, 64 pp.
München, TU, Master Thesis, 2017
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
channel allocation; multi-cell system; industrial network; algorithm; channel changes reduction; bit error rate; BER

Multi-cell wireless systems designed for industrial environments often have to coexist with each other. In case an interfering device appears, the cells must be able to change the channel on which they transmit in order to ensure high Quality of Service. While such channel change improves the quality of transmission of a device, the process of resynchronizing all devices in the cell introduces an additional delay in the communication. This thesis introduces an algorithm which minimizes the number of channel changes in a multi-cell system, while at the same time considering the BER requirements of the application. The algorithm was compared to an exhaustive search algorithm, which determines the optimal channel allocation for the system, i.e. the one resulting with the minimal system interference. The performance of the proposed algorithm was evaluated regarding the reduction of total channel changes compared to the exhaustive search alternative. Further, a so called success rate metric was defined, reflecting the percentage of cases in which a new channel allocation was avoided. Four different scenarios with various network topologies, transmit power and channel used by the interferer were defined to compare the two algorithms.