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Can models predict electric vehicle users?

Presented at EVS30, International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany, 09-11 October, 2017
: Plötz, Patrick; Gnann, Till; Kagerbauer, Martin; Heilig, Michael

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2017, 7 pp.
International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS) <30, 2017, Stuttgart>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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Several attempts have been made in the literature to characterise the first users of electric vehicles. The approaches span from model-based assessments over techno-economical identification to survey. Here we compare EV user characterisations for Germany from several sources, including a model-based and a comprehensive EV user survey. Our results show already empirical sources can differ substantially but that model-based findings have to be analysed with care but can yield useful insights.