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Digital pre-compensation techniques enabling high-capacity bandwidth variable transponders

: Napoli, A.; Berenguer, P.W.; Rahman, T.; Khanna, G.; Mezghanni, M.M.; Gardian, L.; Riccardi, E.; Piat, A.C.; Calabro, S.; Dris, S.; Richter, A.; Fischer, J.K.; Sommerkorn-Krombholz, B.; Spinnler, B.


Optics communications 409 (2018), pp.52-65
ISSN: 0030-4018
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Digital pre-compensation techniques are among the enablers for cost-efficient high-capacity transponders. In this paper we describe various methods to mitigate the impairments introduced by state-of-the-art components within modern optical transceivers. Numerical and experimental results validate their performance and benefits.