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UV-blocking properties of Zn/ZnO coatings on wood deposited by cold plasma spraying at atmospheric pressure

: Wallenhorst, L.M.; Gurău, L.; Gellerich, A.; Militz, H.; Ohms, G.; Viöl, W.

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Applied surface science 434 (2018), pp.1183-1192
ISSN: 0169-4332
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IST ()
photostabilisation; wood; plasma CVD coating; zinc oxide; ATR-FTIR; surface roughness

In this study, artificial ageing of beech wood coated with Zn/ZnO particles by means of a cold plasma spraying process as well as coating systems including a Zn/ZnO layer and additional conventional sealings were examined. As ascertained by colour measurements, the particle coatings significantly decreased UV light-induced discolouration. Even though no significant colour changes were observed for particle-coated and alkyd-sealed samples, ATR-FTIR measurements revealed photocatalytic degradation of the alkyd matrix. In contrast, the polyurethane sealing appeared to be stabilised by the Zn/ZnO coating. Furthermore, morphologic properties of the pure particle coatings were studied by SEM and roughness measurements. SEM measurements confirmed a melting and solidifying process during deposition.