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Hot-embossed metallic circuit board

Heißgeprägter metallischer Schaltungsträger
: Schubert, A.; Edelmann, J.; Bechtloff, U.; Hoffmann, T.; Hackert, J.

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Feldmann, K. ; Forschungsvereinigung Räumliche Elektronische Baugruppen 3-D MID; Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg, Lehrstuhl für Fertigungsautomatisierung und Produktionssystematik:
Molded interconnect devices. 7. international congress 2006 : September 27 - 28, 2006, Fürth, Germany
Erlangen, 2006
ISBN: 3-87525-245-4
ISBN: 987-3-87525-245-3
International Congress Molded Interconnect Devices (MID) <7, 2006, Fürth>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Heißprägen; metallische Leiterplatte; isoliertes Metallsubstrat; Kostenreduzierung; thermoplastische Kunststofffolie; Laminieren; MID; hot embossing; PCB; IMS; metal core; cost reduction; thermoplastic foil

The close-to-production development of a metal-based circuit board with potential for cost reduction is described. Following the structuring of circuit paths on injection-moulded circuit boards in the MID technology, the production of a circuit board is realized by hot embossing on a metallic base substrate. The connection between embossed conductive pattern and metallic base material is reached by a heat-resistant thermoplastic foil which is displaced and further made thinner by hot-embossing, so that the heat dissipation improves in comparison to the dielectric standard materials of PCB industry significantly. In comparison to traditional PCB technology this manufacturing process can renounce galvanic as well as photo lithographic and etching processes.
Different heat-resistant thermoplastic foils were examined for an optimum bonding quality on the metal core as well as the following hot-embossing into this compound. At hot-embossing of conductor paths, rest distances to the metal core of a few micrometers could be realised process-sure, which also fulfil the requirements of dielectric strength and adhesive strength.