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A semantics-based evidence portal for learning software organizations

: Jedlitschka, A.; Rech, J.; Pfahl, D.

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Created on: 17.10.2006

Kaiserslautern, 2006, VII, 12 pp. : Ill., Lit.
IESE-Report, 052.06/E
Reportnr.: 052.06/E
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IESE ()
software engineering; decision support; repository; scenario; learning software organisation

The amount of methods, techniques, and tools in software engineering is increasingly growing. In order to keep track of the progress of these technologies and methodologies, a software engineering manager needs an easy and fast access to evidence about their effectiveness and efficiency. A semantics-based evidence portal for software organizations helps them to continuously gather and aggregate evidence about software engineering technologies and methodologies. The information provided through the portal is targeted to support managers in planning software process improvement activities based on data collected semi-automatically from published evidence.