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Optimization of foundations by large-scale testing

Paper presented at Offshore Wind Energy 2017, London, 6-8 June 2017
: Foglia, Aligi; Spill, Severin; Wefer, Maik

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2017, 6 pp.
Offshore Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition <2017, London>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWES ()

The Test Center for Support Structures in Hannover allows support structure sub-components of offshore wind turbines (i.e. jacket joints, grout connections or piled foundations) to be tested in large-scale (1:2 to 1:10) in a fully controlled environment. By means of large-scale testing design assumptions can be verified, design procedures can be explored and new technology (e.g. low noise pile installation methods) can be tested and developed. In this contribution two research projects relevant to the current challenges of the offshore wind industry will be presented. One project is on monopile foundations and aims at improving the load transfer method for horizontally loaded piles. The other project is on pile groups for converter platforms. In this contribution the main general steps of an experimental campaign are described. Subsequently, both projects will be outlined, and some of their qualitative results will be discussed. As some of the project results are still confidential and/or only preliminarily interpreted, most results here presented will be merely qualitative.