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Referencing strategies for high accuracy machining of large aircraft components with mobile robotic systems

: Susemihl, H.; Brillinger, C.; Stürmer, S.P.; Hansen, S.; Boehlmann, C.; Kothe, S.; Wollnack, J.; Hintze, W.


Warrendale, Pa.: SAE, 2017
SAE Technical Paper, 2017-01-2166
AeroTech Congress and Exhibition (AEROTECH) <2017, Lyon>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

The demand for higher production rates in aircraft industry requests more flexible manufacturing solutions. A bottleneck in production is the machining of large components by vast portal machines. Time-consuming referencing processes result in non-satisfying cost-effectiveness of these high-invest-machines. Mobile robot-based solutions are able to operate simultaneously which increases the productivity significantly. However, due to the limited workspace of robots, machining tasks have to be divided and long trajectories are separated in single overlapping segments. Thus high-accuracy referencing strategies are required to achieve desired production tolerances. In this publication different advanced optical reference strategies will be discussed taking the inhomogeneous behavior of a mobile robotic machining system into account. Investigations on the absolute positioning and the machining accuracy will show the impact of different referencing strategies on sub-scale machining especially for large work spaces.