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Deacidification of grass silage press juice by continuous production of acetoin from its lactate via an immobilized enzymatic reaction cascade

: Hohagen, H.; Schwarz, D.; Schenk, G.; Guddat, L.W.; Schieder, D.; Carsten, J.; Sieber, V.


Bioresource technology 245 (2017), Pt.A, pp.1084-1092
ISSN: 0960-8524
ISSN: 1873-2976
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGB ()

An immobilized enzymatic reaction cascade was designed and optimized for the deacidification of grass silage press juice (SPJ), thus facilitating the production of bio-based chemicals. The cascade involves a three-step process using four enzymes immobilized in a Ca-alginate gel and uses lactic acid to form acetoin, a value-added product. The reaction is performed with a continuous, pH-dependent substrate feed under oxygenation. With titrated lactic acid yields of up to 91% and reaction times of ca. 6 h was achieved. Using SPJ as titrant yields of 49% were obtained within 6 h. In this deacidification process, with acetoin one value-added bio-based chemical is produced while simultaneously the remaining press juice can be used in applications that require a higher pH. Such, this system can be applied in a multi-product biorefinery concept to take full advantage of nutrient-rich SPJ, which is a widely available and easily storable renewable resource.