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On numerical simulation of liquid polymer moulding

: Čiegis, R.; Iliev, O.

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Mathematical modelling and analysis 8 (2003), No.3, pp.181-202
ISSN: 1392-6292
ISSN: 1648-3510
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

In this paper we consider numerical algorithms for solving the system of nonlinear PDEs, arising in modeling of liquid polymer injection. We investigate the particular case when a porous preform is located within the mould, so that the liquid polymer is flowing through a porous medium during the filling stage. The nonlinearity of the governing system of PDEs is due to the non‐Newtonian behavior of the polymer, as well as due to the moving free boundary. The last is related to the penetration front, and a Stefan type problem is formulated to account for it. A finite‐volume method is used to approximate the given differential problem. Results from numerical experiments are presented.
We also solve an inverse problem and present algorithms for determination of the absolute preform permeability coefficient for the case when the velocity of the penetration front is known from the measurements.
In both considered cases (direct and inverse problems) we emphasize on the specifics related to the non‐Newtonian behavior of the polymer. For completeness, we discuss also the Newtonian case. Results of some experimental measurements are presented and discussed.