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FAST/Flash: A combination of FAST/SPS and flash sintering

Presentation held at Journées Nationales sur le Frittage par Courant Pulsé - SPS 2017, Villetaneuse, 5.-6.10.2017
: Räthel, Jan; Herrmann, Mathias; Hennicke, Jürgen; Kirchner, René

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Created on: 27.10.2017

2017, 18 Folien
Journées Nationales sur le Frittage par Courant Pulsé <2017, Villetaneuse>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
field assisted sintering technology; spark plasma sintering; flash sintering; zirconia; silicon carbide

FAST/SPS and flash sintering, besides exhibiting fast and non-linear consolidation behavior resulting into new material’s properties, flash sintering so far is applied to green bodies only. A combination of both, FAST/SPS and flash sintering, offers three advantages: 1. A scalable process starting from powder material but not from pre-shaped green bodies with limited geometrical variety. 2. Very fast shaping and sintering in one step. 3. Enhanced consolidation compared to flash sintering resulting into dense materials with possibly anisotropic microstructure. Besides presenting ideas of FAST/Flash results on zirconia and silicon carbide are underlining these considerations. Furthermore, the application of this new consolidation technique on other materials and material systems as well as some demands on pressing tool properties will be presented.