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Cytocompatibility of direct laser interference-patterned titanium surfaces for implants

: Hartjen, Philip; Nada, Ola; Silva, Thiago Gundelwein; Precht, Clarissa; Henningsen, Anders; Holthaus, Marzellus Grosse; Gulow, Nikolai; Friedrich, Reinhard Edgar; Hanken, Henning; Heiland, Max; Zwahr, Christoph; Smeets, Ralf E.H.; Jung, Ole

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In vivo 31 (2017), No.5, pp.849-854
ISSN: 1791-7549
ISSN: 0258-851X
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWS ()
cytocompatibility; direct laser interference patterning; titanium implants

In an effort to generate titanium surfaces for implants with improved osseointegration, we used direct laser interference patterning (DLIP) to modify the surface of pure titanium grade 4 of four different structures. We assessed in vitro cytoxicity and cell attachment, as well as the viability and proliferation of cells cultured directly on the surfaces. Attachment of the cells to the modified surfaces was comparably good compared to that of cells on gritblasted and acid-etched reference titanium surfaces. In concordance with this, viability and proliferation of the cells directly cultured on the specimens were similar on all the titanium surfaces, regardless of the laser modification, indicating good cytocompatibility.