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Analysis of thermal diffusivity of metals using lock-in thermography

: Wagner, F.; Malvisalo, T.; Nolte, P.W.; Schweizer, S.


Gdansk University of Technology:
QIRT 2016, 13th Quantitative Infrared Thermography Conference. Online resource : July 4-8, 2016, Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland
Gdańsk, 2016
Quantitative Infrared Thermography Conference (QIRT) <13, 2016, Gdansk>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMWS ()

The thermal diffusivity, sigma, is determined for sheets of different metals by means of an approach based on lock-in thermography in combination with periodical laser heating. Different lock-in frequencies are used to obtain the frequency dependent phase behavior of thermal waves generated by laser pulses. A subsequent curve fitting provides the coefficients required to determine the thermal diffusivity. To evaluate the effect of ambient conditions, the measurements are also performed in vacuum. A comparison with literature data substantiates that lock-in infrared thermography is a promising approach for the determination of the thermal diffusivity.