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Technologies for micro- and precision machining applications

Presentation held at International Specialized Exhibition Metalloobrabotka, 23.-27.05.2016, Moscow
Technologien für die Mikro- und Präzisionsbearbeitung
: Kugler, Till; Blau, Peter; Edelmann, Jan; Eckert, Udo; Koriath, Hans-Joachim; Bogachev, Yuri P.; Sakharova, Olga P.

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2016, 14 Folien
International Specialized Exhibition Metalloobrabotka <17, 2016, Moscow>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
micromachining; machining strategy; microstructuring; micro-cutting; precision-machining

The use of microstructures or functional surfaces in powertrain components or molds and dies has attained increasing significance. Also the relevance of micro parts for various applications is still growing worldwide. Technologies for micro and precision machining applications are also becoming increasingly important in batch production. Main applications are primarily in the micro-analysis, automotive, medical engineering and watch-making industries. Customers are increasingly demanding equipment (machine tools, cutting tools, machining strategies and process chains) capable of machining high-strength and hardened materials. Reliable and repeatable micro and precision machining technologies, especially in cutting processes, are targeted in the framework of Russian-German innovative cooperation projects. Project cooperation is concentrating on strategies to meet requirements of micro-hard milling operations conducted on materials up to 65 HRC, further on diamond machining of non-ferrous metals for applications with highest demands on accuracy and surface quality. The main focus is on feasibility, tool wear, process reliability and consistency. Systematic developments take place in: Customized milling strategies, milling cutter displacement, cutting forces and cutting value optimization and lubrication concepts for micro-machining. The associated machine tools are also part of investigations to guarantee required geometrical tolerances and surface qualities for micro and precision applications. In this context machine tools for cutting processes (µ-milling, µ-drilling, fly-cutting, nano-hobbing) and ablation processes (µ-laser, µ-EDM and ECM) are developed and enhanced by Kugler GmbH, ENIMS/ISTC TIM and Fraunhofer IWU.