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Potential of innovative welding technologies for the application of 7XXX-Series aluminium alloys in car body construction

: Puschmann, Markus; Gärtner, Eric; Geppert, Stefan

Automotive Circle:
Joining in Car Body Engineering 2017. Reducing Complexity - Enabling lightweight design : Module 1 - adhesive bonding and hybrid bonding; 4 to 6 April 2017, Bad Nauheim, Germany
Bad Nauheim, 2017
28 Folien
Conference "Joining in Car Body Engineering" <2017, Bad Nauheim>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
laser welding; Friction Spot Welding; high strength aluminium alloys

An important trend in car body construction of the automobile industry is still the lightweight construction.. Aluminum materials have a strategic importance for this. The alloys of the 7xxx series have a light-weight potential which is up to three times higher compared to the today's standard of the alloys of the 6xxx series (AW 6016). The weldability for these alloys is limited. One of the main problems is the forming of heat introduced cracks during the welding.For typical car body structures, innovative welding technologies have been investigated and compared. The focus of these investigations was on the seam quality and the seam properties, as well as criteria such as reproducibility, production times and investment. The welding technologies laser beam welding and friction spot welding were investigated.