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Coupling of Finite and Boundary Elements for Transient Eddy Current Problems

Kopplung der Finiten Elemente und Randelementmethode für transiente elektromagnetische Probleme
: Dalibor, Lukas; Kacor, Petr; Ivanek, Lubomir; Mach, Valeslav; Scheffler, Christian

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Advances in electrical and electronic engineering 15 (2017), No.2, pp.280-285
ISSN: 1804-3119 (online)
ISSN: 1336-1376 (print)
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Boundary element; eddy current problem; Finite elements analysis

A symmetric coupling of methods of finiteand boundary elements for numerical solution of transienteddy current problems is described. This is anessential step in modelling of electromagnetic formingof metalic sheets. The finite element method is employedin the conducting region of the metalic sheet.The boundary element method relies on the Stratton-Chu representation formula and it models the electromagneticfield in the air including its decay at infinity.We impose external currents by the Biot-Savart law.