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Silicon lens-coupled bow-tie InGaAs-based broadband terahertz sensor operating at room temperature

Ein bei Zimmertemperatur arbeitender Si-Linsen-gekoppelter fliegeförmiger InGaAs-basierender Breitband Terahertz Sensor
: Seliuta, D.; Kasalynas, I.; Tamosiunas, V.; Balakauskas, S.; Martunas, Z.; Asmontas, S.; Valusis, G.; Lisauskas, A.; Roskos, H.G.; Köhler, K.


Electronics Letters 42 (2006), No.14, pp.825-827
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
III-V semiconductor; III-V Halbleiter; heterostructure; Heterostruktur

A passive detection scheme for broadband, 10 GHz-2.52 THz, sensing at room temperature is demonstrated using a hemispherical silicon lens-coupled diode of an asymmetrically-shaped bow-tie geometrical form. The device is fabricated from an MBE-grown In(0.54)Ga(0.46)As wafer as mesas of 3 µm depth produced by wet etching. The detector exhibits voltage sensitivity about 5 V/W below 1 THz.