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Efficient recycling of rare earth permanent magnets

Applications and present situation
: Diehl, Oliver; Brouwer, Eva; Buckow, Alexander; Gauss, Roland K.; Gutfleisch, Oliver

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GIT laboratory journal 20 (2016), No.3/4, pp.21-23
ISSN: 1434-2634
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISC ()
Magnet; Seltene Erden; Recycling

Many advanced technologies are based on the use of functional materials. Due to their chemical composition and microstructure these materials offer certain macroscopic properties useful for their specific applications. Modern vehicles contain a large number of electronic micromotors, electric actuators and powertrains are widely used also in the mechanical engineering industry. Audio devices and hard disks have become an integral part of the private as well as of the business life. For the future more and more energy will be produced via wind power and electric mobility will replace present mobility technologies, which are based on fossil fuels [1].