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Method and system for measuring location and/or orientation

: Kroschel, Kristian; Willersinn, Dieter; Chaudhary, Hafeez; Scheers, Bart; Wijngaarden, Sander van

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EP 3193191 A1: 20160115
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a system and a method for method for measuring the location of one or more movable communication devices (21-23) or the location/orientation of an element with respect to a three axis position system (X,Y,Z). The invention is based on: - Performing the following communication procedure: o Transmitting a first signal (41) from a main transmitter (31) ; o Detecting the first signal (41) by the movable communication device (21); o Transmitting a second signal (42) from the movable communication device (21); o Detecting the second signal (42) by a main receiver (31) and a first, a second, and a third axis-placed receivers (32-34); - Determining the location of the movable communication device (21) using time of flight, ToF, measurements of the first signals (41) and the second signals (42). Both the first and second signals (41, 42) are transmitted using orthogonal codes and are detected using matched filters.