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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines strahlungsabsorbierenden optischen Elements und strahlungsabsorbierendes optisches Element

Radiation-absorbing element, e.g. for electric pyrometer, comprises a plastic substrate with a refractive index gradient layer and coated with a metallic layer.
: Scheler, M.; Kaless, A.; Munzert, P.; Schulz, U.; Kaiser, N.

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DE 102004043871 A: 20040910
DE 2004-102004043871 A: 20040910
DE 102004043871 A1: 20060330
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Bei einem Verfahren zur Herstellung eines strahlungsabsorbierenden optischen Elements, das ein Substrat (1) aus einem Kunststoff enthaelt, wird auf mindestens einer Oberflaeche (2) des Substrats (1) mittels eines Plasmaaetzprozesses eine Brechzahlgradientenschicht (4) erzeugt und nachfolgend eine Metallschicht (7) auf die Brechzahlgradientenschicht (4) aufgebracht.


WO2006026975 A UPAB: 20060405 NOVELTY - The element is made by producing a refractive index gradient (4) in a plastic (1) by plasma etching, e.g. argon plasma with ion energy greater than 100 eV supplied with oxygen, and coating it with a metal layer (7), e.g. by sputtering. The gradient layer (4) extends to a depth of 50 nm or more and can be applied on both sides (6). The thickness of the metal layer (7) is preferably 200 nm or more. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a radiation-absorbent element made in this way, having an absorption of the incident radiation (8) of more than 98 % in the wavelength region of 200 to 800 nm. The absorption is greater than 99 % in the region of 200 to 380 nm. USE - Radiation-absorbing optical element, e.g. sensor for electric pyrometer. ADVANTAGE - Can use a plastic temperature sensitive substrate and has less reflection.