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Vorrichtung zur Materialpruefung und/oder Dickenmessung an einem wenigstens elektrisch leitende und ferromagnetische Materialanteile aufweisenden Pruefobjekt

Apparatus for testing material or measuring thickness of test object having electrically conductive and ferromagnetic material uses eddy current coil and rolling body.
: Nichiforenco, J.; Kroening, M.; Boulavinov, A.

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DE 102004054423 A: 20041110
DE 2004-102004054423 A: 20041110
DE 102004054423 B3: 20060504
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DE1004054423 B UPAB: 20060623 NOVELTY - Apparatus tests the material of a test object which has at least one surface. The apparatus has an electromagnetic ultrasound convertor arrangement having a permanent magnet arrangement or an electromagnet arrangement and at least one eddy current coil. The coil (2) has an electrically conductive track arrangement arranged on or parallel to a surface area of a rolling body (5) which rolls over the surface of the test body (4). The surface area rolls together with the roller body. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS also cover the use of the above apparatus. USE - For testing for faults in metal sheets, rails, tubes, train wheels, oil containers, or the outer skin of ships or security containers. ADVANTAGE - The novel apparatus requires no or hardly any friction.