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Werkzeughalteeinrichtung, Werkzeugmaschine mit einer Werkzeughaltevorrichtung und Bohrverfahren, insbesondere zum Tieflochbohren

Tool holding device for machine tool, has ultrasonic vibration generator generating ultrasonic vibration, which is brought on to drilling tool holding device that is swingably supported at carrier in direction of rotation axis of tool.
: Neugebauer, R.; Stoll, A.; Schneider, F.

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DE 102004056716 A: 20041124
DE 2004-102004056716 A: 20041124
DE 102004056716 A1: 20060601
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Werkzeughalteeinrichtung und Bohrverfahren, insbesondere zum Tieflochbohren, mit einer Bohrwerkzeughaltevorrichtung zum Halten eines Bohrwerkzeugs, insbesondere eines konventionellen Bohrers, einem Traeger, an dem die Bohrwerkzeughaltevorrichtung gelagert ist, und einem Ultraschallschwingungsgenerator zum Erzeugen einer Ultraschallschwingung, die auf die Bohrwerkzeughaltevorrichtung aufgebracht wird, wobei die Bohrwerkzeughaltevorrichtung in Richtung einer Drehachse des Bohrwerkzeugs schwingbar an dem Traeger gelagert ist.


DE1004056716 A UPAB: 20060620 NOVELTY - The device has a drilling tool holding device (1) for holding a drilling tool (a). An ultrasonic vibration generator (3) generates an ultrasonic vibration, which is brought on to the device (1). The device (1) is swingably supported at a carrier (2) in a direction of a rotating axis (x) of the tool. The device (1) comprises a tool retaining section (4) and a connection section that is extended in the direction of the axis. INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (A) a machine tool with a tool holding device (B) a drilling method for drilling deep holes. USE - Used for a machine tool (Claimed). ADVANTAGE - The tool holding device facilitates the drilling tool to drill deep holes in a simple, accurate and cost-effective manner. The generator generates the vibration that is brought on to the holding device, thus improving a chip breakage and chip evacuation independent of material properties of the materials to be cut, reducing operating temperatures and tool breakdown, increasing service life of the tool and improving process stability and surface quality.