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Sensorsystem und Verfahren zur kapazitiven Messung elektromagnetischer Signale biologischen Ursprungs

Sensor system for the capacitive measurement of electromagnetic signals of biological origin comprises capacitive electrode device surrounded by a shielding element contains signal processing device is arranged on the electrode element.
: Mueller, K.; Blankertz, B.; Curio, G.; Schilling, M.

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DE 102004063249 A: 20041223
DE 2004-102004063249 A: 20041223
DE 102004063249 A1: 20060713
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Sensorsystem und verschiedene Verfahren zur kapazitiven Messung elektromagnetischer Signale biologischen Ursprungs. Ein solches Sensorsystem umfasst eine kapazitive Elektrodeneinrichtung (10), ein die Elektrodeneinrichtung (10) zumindest teilweise umschliessendes Elektroden-Abschirmelement (20) zur Abschirmung der Elektrodeneinrichtung (10) vor externen elektromagnetischen Stoerfeldern und eine Signalverarbeitungseinrichtung (30) zur Verarbeitung elektromagnetischer Signale, die sich mittels der Elektrodeneinrichtung (10) detektieren lassen. Erfindungsgemaess ist vorgesehen, dass zusaetzliche Abschirmmittel (21) zur Abschirmung externer elektromagnetischer Stoerfelder die Elektrodeneinrichtung (10) und das Elektroden-Abschirmelement (20) raeumlich zumindest teilweise umschliessen. Verschiedene Verfahren insbesondere unter Verwendung des erfindungsgemaessen Sensorsystems ermitteln die Veraenderungen der Elektroden-Kapazitaet des kapazitiven Sensorsystems, um diese bei der Auswertung der Messsignale zu beruecksichtigen.


WO2006066566 A UPAB: 20060814 NOVELTY - The shielding agent contains electrode device (10) and the signal-processing device, which is detected by the sensor system. The electrode device measure the parasite arene bleeder of the device forms a high-pass with a critical frequency adapted to the signal. The device is arranged in the housing where the ohms resistance is very high capacitive into the entrance of the signal-processing device. The system exhibits an electrical insulator range for separate the signal source. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The isolator area exhibits a static loading of the insulator range minimized by static environment charges. The signal processing contains an analog-digital transducer and a digital signal processor. A jerk coupled of processed signals intended on the mechanism over a capacitive, resistive/inductively realized compensation impedance (Ck). The signal-processing device is separating dynamic measuring signal by direct current voltage. A line conduction shielded on mass potential, to lead away the measuring signal from the sensor system. The sensor system cooperates with a reference electrode is used for linking a change signal (a (t)), and (B (t)) and fasten the system to a measuring object (Q) supplied with a reference potential. INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for: (1) a measuring device; and (2) procedure for minimizing the influence of movement articate. USE - Used for the capacitive measurement of electromagnetic signals of biological origin e.g. EKG, ECG signals. ADVANTAGE - Improved system and accurate signals.