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Pattern-based control-code synthesis

: Henning, Steffen; Otto, Jens; Niggemann, Oliver


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-; IEEE Industrial Electronics Society -IES-:
IEEE 14th International Conference on Industrial Informatics, INDIN 2016. Proceedings : Futuroscope - Poitiers, France, 19 - 21 July, 2016
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-5090-2871-9 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-5090-2870-2 (Online)
International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN) <14, 2016, Poitiers>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOSB ()

Manufacturing plants become more complex as the desire for modern individual products increases. Programming such plants is a challenging task that consumes a lot of time. This paper proposes a new control-code synthesis algorithm, which aids the programmer by automatically generating parts of the control-code. With the new algorithm, the programmer only has to specify and parametrize the general production process, e.g. drill a hole then paint the workpiece. The control-code for all intermediate processes, like transporting the workpiece from the drilling machine to the paint-spray station is generated automatically. This saves much engineering time and enables the programmer to focus on more challenging tasks, such as process optimisation.