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Software development processes

: Ocampo, A.; Bella, F.; Münch, J.


Morisio, M.:
Developing services for the wireless internet
Berlin: Springer, 2006 (Computer Communications and Networks)
ISBN: 1-8462-8031-1
ISBN: 978-1-84628-031-3
Book Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()
software process modeling; wireless internet service; process elicitation; reference process model; software project management

Using the right technology and defining an effective architecture are the two key factors in developing a successful wireless Internet service. However, they are insufficient if not embedded in an effective development process. This chapter supports the reader in defining an effective process, the third factor of a successful project.
There is relatively little expertise of the characteristics of wireless service development, resulting in inadequate knowledge of development procedures and technical constraints for such services. The result is insufficient guidance for project managers and software developers on selecting appropriate development processes, techniques, methods and tools. The end result is poor quality products, unmotivated developers and managers and, eventually, unhappy users.
At the moment, there is very little experience in developing software for such services systematically. Therefore, designing processes for this domain entails several difficulties.
1. Whereas several tried and trusted methods exist for conventional software production which have been developed over many years, no such standard methods are available for wireless Internet services and existing methods do not translate directly into the mobile world.
2. The domain of wireless Internet service development lacks specific experience of particular technologies, their applicability and constraints, mainly due to the novelty and rapid rate of evolution of the technologies
3. The variations of the applications and, as a consequence, possible variations of the development technologies are poorly understood.
This chapter describes an initial reference process by summarising essential characteristics of the development of wireless Internet services and the impact of these technologies on life cycle, engineering and managerial process levels. The reference process is based on a comprehensive literature survey and experience from the pilot projects described later in the book. The reader is intended to be able to start a project using the reference process and customising it where required.