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Unleashing the potentials of industrial energy productivity

Presentation held at Energy Efficiency Global Forum, May 8-9, 2017, Washington, D.C.
: Sauer, Alexander

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Created on: 14.7.2017

2017, 6 Folien
Energy Efficiency Global Forum <10, 2017, Washington/D.C.>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
EEP; energieeffiziente Produktion; ressourceneffiziente Produktion

The presentation "Unleashing the Potentials of Industrial Energy Productivity" deals with the following aspects:
- Energy price and production in Germany 05/2015–05/2017
- Regenerative Energy supply across the world 2010 and plans for 2050
- Kopernikus Projects for the energy transition in Germnay