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Flocculation efficiency of reacetylated water soluble chitosan versus commercial chitosan

: Haufe, S.; Bohrisch, J.; Schwarz, D.; Bratskaya, S.Y.; Steinbach, C.; Schwarz, S.


Colloids and surfaces. A 532 (2017), pp.222-227
ISSN: 0927-7757
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAP ()

In this work, the flocculation efficiency of reacetylated chitosans were compared with those of commercially available chitosans. The flocculation properties were investigated in dispersion of clay by means of turbidity measurements, colloid titration and measurements of the floc size. Reacetylated chitosan dissolves in deionized water without any additives and exhibits good flocculation properties like a wider flocculation window but a higher amount of polymer. For commercial chitosan lower amounts of polymer were required for the flocculation of clay dispersion. Flocculation with commercial chitosan is possible even in basic range.