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A method for evaluating a plurality of data aggregations, a method for calibrating a finite element model using measured data points and a method for storing a plurality of simulations

Verfahren zur Bewertung einer Mehrzahl von Datenaggregationen, Verfahren zur Kalibrierung eines Finite-Element-Modells mittels gemessener Datenpunkte und Verfahren zur Speicherung mehrerer Simulationen
: Iza-Teran, Rodrigo; Garcke, Jochen

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EP 3156913 A1: 20151017
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A method for evaluating a plurality of data aggregations is provided. A data aggregation comprising a plurality of data points. The method comprises calculating a mathematical operator for one of the plurality of data aggregations based on a metric for the data points of the one data aggregation. The operator defines a transformation that preserves the metric. Further, the method comprises calculating eigenvectors of the mathematical operator, and projecting the remaining data aggregations of the plurality of data aggregations into a space spanned by the eigenvectors.