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Differences in compression load behaviour of aluminium foam between static and dynamical testing

Presentation held at 4th International Conference on Cellular Materials, CellMAT 2016, 07-09 December 2016, Dresden, Germany
: Schneider, Frank; Vogel, R.; Gruß, Florian; Hipke, Thomas

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2016, 20 Folien
International Conference on Cellular Materials (CellMAT) <4, 2016, Dresden>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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aluminium foam; compression test; stress-strain curve; strain rate

Cellular materials, like metal foam, have a good energy absorption capacity. To design technical applications there is a need to know material properties. Here is a problem, still today not all the parameters are known. To make matters worse nearly all material properties of metal foams are a function of density. Furthermore, for energy absorption there is the question if there is also a strain-rate dependency or not. Here are different points of view found in literature. Some authors report about strain-rate dependent stress behaviour, others deny it [3, 4]. So a new investigation was set up, with a standardised sample size. In that investigation a strain-rate dependency of stress levels and also energy absorption was found.