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Temperature gradient elution and superheated eluents in chip-HPLC

: Heiland, Josef J.; Lotter, Carsten; Stein, Volkmar; Mauritz, Laura; Belder, Detlev


Analytical chemistry 89 (2017), No.6, pp.3266-3271
ISSN: 0003-2700
ISSN: 1520-6882
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ICT-IMM ( IMM) ()

Utilizing temperature as an active parameter for optimization in chip-based liquid chromatography is an important step toward high-speed and high-efficiency separations on the microscale. A device including a low thermal mass micro thermostat and a microfluidic glass chip as central elements were designed and evaluated for maximal heating performance of up to 4.7 °C s–1 at up to 200 °C. With this enabling technology, high-speed separations in temperature gradient mode were performed both in common reversed-phase eluents and environmental friendly ethanol-based alternatives.