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Unpacking policy processes for addressing systemic problems in technological innovation systems: The case of offshore wind in Germany

: Reichardt, Kristin; Rogge, Karoline; Negro, Simona O.

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Renewable & sustainable energy reviews 80 (2017), pp.1217-1226
ISSN: 1364-0321
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Offshore Wind; policy mix; policy process; policy style; technological innovation system

While empirical studies on technological innovation systems (TIS) usually focus on policy instruments and their suitability for curing identified weaknesses of such emerging systems, the underlying policy processes and their effects have been largely disregarded. We address this gap by exploring the style of two crucial policy-making processes and how it influences the functioning and performance of a TIS, taking the case of offshore wind in Germany. Our findings indicate important positive and negative impacts of the policy style on the TIS. For example, the muddling through character apparent in one of the policy processes negatively influenced entrepreneurial activities, knowledge development and finally technology diffusion, whereas the participatory nature of both processes had a positive impact both on TIS functioning and performance. Based on our findings we derive implications on how to improve policy making so as to foster the development of an emerging TIS.