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Entwicklung eines Weiterbildungskonzeptes zu dem Thema: "Nutzung von erneuerbaren Energien in der industriellen Produktion"

: Syrbe, Jeannine
: Stoldt, Johannes

Mittweida, 2017, 264 pp.
Mittweida, Hochschule, Master Thesis, 2017
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Weiterbildungskonzept; demand response; Energieeffizienz; erneuerbare Energien

Through current developments and the associated intensification of regulations towards energy efficiency companies are forced to a more efficient usage of resources. One approach is the use of renewable energies in industrial production with special challenges with sometimes serious implementation difficulties in the direction of production scheduling on energy aspects or also in the integration of energy technologies. In order to counteract this, but also because of economic aspects, the Fraunhofer Institute IWU in Chemnitz will offer trainings in this field. Therefore, this master thesis deals with the development of a training concept and a module contained therein. For this, the necessary theory will be presented with regard to the learning factors which have to be considered for the learning process and the necessary steps for the planning, conception and evaluation in the education management process. As a transition to the practical part, the need for action is derived from a SWOT analysis. Based on this, and taking into account the theoretical aspects, the concept of the training program and a module contained in it will be developed.